We use the Melles-Griot Microlab™Â series, and other optical components to rapidly tests concepts and prototypes. At Hydreon Corporation, we emphasize getting a functional concept-test prototype as quickly as possible– we often learn volumes from the first phase of the project.

Optical Bench

Optical Extertise

  • Non-imaging system design
  • Sensing and control in harsh environments
  • Infrared and ultraviolet
  • Display readability and illumination
  • plastic and injection-molded lenses
  • Prototypes and Prototyping
  • Optical sensors
  • Rejection of sunlight and high-ambient light environments

Directing Rays to their Proper Places

Our expertise doesn’t stop when the ray hits the target. A complete system requires the right optical configuration, signal processing, software, human perception, or whatever it takes to make the project succeed.