Lifeboat Network

The Lifeboat Network

The Lifeboat Network is the largest Minecraft server network, and we strive to be the best.

Lifeboat Games provides servers that allow players of the popular Minecraft PE game for mobile devices to play against each other in automated tournaments. The Lifeboat Games were the first servers that provided this functionality. Others have but Lifeboat Games remain by far the most popular and most advanced.

So, why is a sensors and control company making computer games?  The son of the principle started writing this at age 14.  His dad did not mind because he figured the young man was learning something.  It beats playing computer games, which are mostly a waste of time.  It pretty much just grew from there.

Computer games in moderation can be an entertaining pleasant diversion.  Minecraft in particular encourages creativity, teamwork, and thinking in three dimensions.  Also, frankly a lot of the computer game world is a very dark place.  We want to make a part of the Internet that is, for the most part, safe for teens and young adults.  This is survival games, not tea and crumpets, and yes players do (non-graphically!) “kill” each other.  But, we do our best to keep the tone of the network positive, and keep creeps off.  (That’s a goal, not a promise!  So parents, please do your part too. We are completely on your side in wanting to protect your kids.)

Computer games can also absorb way too much time.  If you find yourself spending too much time escaping from the real world, we would encourage you to go out and interact with some genuine flesh-and-blood humans.  It you have not been doing so, you will find it both aggravating and richly rewarding.

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“Lifeboat Survival Games” is a trademark of Hydreon Corporation.  “Minecraft” is a trademark of Mojang AB.  Neither Hydreon nor the Lifeboat network is in any way affiliated with Mojang.