We build specialized sensing and control systems under computer control, with built-in computers, or with no computers at all. We have worked with infrared, microwaves, audio, ultrasonic, ultraviolet, RF, and infrared.  By approaching the problem with a far-ranging palette of technologies, we select the one that best solves your problem– rather than selecting the solution that matches our skills.

“We dig signals out of the mud”

  • Analog circuit design
  • Audio and analog signal processing
  • Low noise / low level
  • Power and control circuits
  • Microprocessor interfacing
  • Sensor conditioning and interfacing
  • User interface design
  • Circuit board layout
  • Prototypes and prototyping


Optical Bench

We simulate designs and layout circuit boards using CadSoft EAGLE PCB Software.  But far more important than computer power, we have a wealth of experience in circuit design, and the intuition and know-how that comes only with practice.