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If you would like to work at Hydreon, please email your resume or other description of your qualifications or history, either as an attachment (PDF prefered), or in the text of an email to:

Current openings:


We need help developing our successful game server network

Hydreon runs the Lifeboat Network of Minecraft servers. These games allow players of the popular Minecraft Pocket Edition (for mobile devices) to play against one another in tournaments. We strive to be the best Minecraft server network there is. “Best” in this context means most ethically run, best play experience, and a safest environment for the participants, many of whom are teens. We are currently the most popular server network (as of this writing in July 2015) and hold the current records for most players online at any one time.

We need more talent in the the system architecture outside of the game itself, especially as it relates to system scaling. Other Minecraft networks, centered on the desktop edition of Minecraft, use open-source software to scale there games. Such software did not exist for Pocket Edition, and we have had to write this ourselves. We are looking for real talent that can tackle the problems associated with running a huge network of Linux servers. So, we have a job opening for the right developer.

  • Deploy updates across the servers using automated tools.
  • Create web views allow players to interact with each other.
  • Write back-end software in PHP that interacts with the servers via REST APIs.

Required skills include:

  • PHP
  • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Linux system administration, including knowledge of security and scaling
  • Self directed. You will run most of the network day to day.
  • Good communication skills. (E.g., do you know the difference between i.e. and e.g?)

Job and Company Details:

  • Competitive salary and generous profit sharing.
  • 100% company-paid health care (Blue Cross) , and company matching HSA.
  • The position is on-site at our office in Eden Prairie, MN.
  • We have developed this game, but do not have nearly the resources dedicated to running it as is required. You must be a self-starter, because you will be running this. We expect to continue to grow this business, and to need more people. The game servers are a new venture for our company. The servers are established and profitable, but we are just starting to build a team to grow this.
  • Most of the people working on this, and with whom you would be working, are spread out across the world.
  • The games are competitive, but appropriate for teens. No graphic violence. We emphasize a great play experience.
  • Office Environment. More professional than casual. We take good care of our employees, and we like working here day-to-day.
  • We are en established sensors and controls company, and financially sound. The game server network is a new venture for us.
  • Relocation assistance available to the right candidate.
  • Equal Opportunity Employer.

Other qualifications:

The ideal candidate will be hardworking, reliable, cordial, and possess great personal integrity. If that is you, you could make a real difference in helping us build a great company.

Please email with:

– A resume or other description of your qualifications or history as a pdf.
– Link to an example of your work.